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2013-18/Classic 4th Gen Ram Seat Harnesses

(Seat order spots are very limited due to time it takes for me to make them. If Quote Link is disabled, it means all spots are currently full. )

** Must use 2013-18/Classic seats w/SRS Airbags **

 (Not avail. for 09-12 and 5th Gen trucks)

4th Gen Ram Seat Harness: Text

Please submit a quote request to ensure you get the correct items for your truck.


Heated/Cooled Seat & Wheel Power Harness Set

(with Memory Seat/Mirror support* & Rear seat* & Inverter* prep.)

PDC Power Harness to Driver/Passenger Seats and Driver Seat to Passenger Seat Control Harness. Additional user supplied parts, BCM programming & 8.4 radio/conversion req'd.

* Additional wiring required to complete install of these items.

** Some pre-2016 truck/seat combos with 4c UAx 8.4 Radios may require 4c Seat Interface for on-screen controls to work (Hw buttons still work).

HS&W wMem.jpg

$50 (Included w/main harness set)

Memory Seat Add-On harness

Add memory seat/mirror control wiring to Existing heated Harness set from driver seat module to driver door connector.
* Memory capable mirrors and seats required (ie Laramie & higher).
* Additional wiring may be req'd to door module if not installed.

HS&W wMem.jpg

$0 (Included w/main harness set)

Inverter PDC power prep add-on    (w/Main Seat harness only)

Add PDC to Passenger Seat Inverter Power wiring with HS&W Harness Set. *Req's additional Inverter to dash outlet Harness & Pass. seat w/factory inverter & Dash Outlet.

ImageHolder Text.jpg


Inverter to Dash Outlet Harness

Passenger seat to dash outlet harness.

Inverter Prep Req'd. Verify A/C Outlet Connector Style:

  • 8pin AC outlet on 2013-16 trucks

  • 6pin AC outlet connector on 2017+/Classic Trucks

ImageHolder Text.jpg

$0 (included w/main harness set)

Rear Heated Seat Power prep add-on*

(CC Auto w/console only)

Add rear seat wiring prep add-on with HS&W Harness Set to support OEM heated rear seats.

ImageHolder Text.jpg


Rear Heated Seat Harness w/Lighting support

Rear heated seat control harness. *Req's user supplied heated rear seat (CrewCab), Center Floor Console with Rear Heated Seat Switches, rear seat prep.



PDC Power to Driver Seat

(Power Adj. Driver Seat ONLY)

Dedicated OEM style power feed from fuse box (PDC) to driver seat connector for Power Adjustable Drvr Seat features only. (no other options or future upgrades supported)

PowerDrvSt Only.jpg
4th Gen Ram Seat Harness: Projects
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