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4th Gen Ram 8.4 Upgrade Harnesses & Parts

(Radio Unlock Code available free with harness order)

4th Gen Ram Radio Upgrade: Text


(usually ships next business day)

Universal 8.4 Conversion Harness w/ATC Part 1 v4 (4 & 7 Speed Trucks)

Our Universal 8.4 Harness allows upgrading 2013-18 and 2019+ Classic 4th Gen trucks to a 4th Gen 8.4 Ram Radio (ie 3c RA3/VP3-NA & RA4/VP4-NA, 4c UAQ/VP4R & UAS/VP3R). Includes support for the following additional upgrades/add-ons:

- 4spd/7spd support in same harness

- 4 Speed Fan Trucks (ie 2500/3500) require Add-On plug n play v4 fan harness.

- Single Zone ATC Part 1 built-in (ie for Auto Temp Control Cabin Temp Sensor). Just Add Temp Sensor for 2013+ 4spd Trucks or our ATC part 2 harness for 14+ 1500's/classic) to complete SIngle Zone ATC wiring & both Sensors! (BCM programming changes req'd by customer)

- Support for adding Dual Zone ATC *  For those wanting to add extra passenger side blend door. See RamForum Thread for details.
* Will have to custom build rest of Pass. blend door wiring into add-on harness



4 to 7 Speed Fan MTR Power harness v4 (4spd Trucks)

Plug in Play Fan Resistor Add-On Option harness for 2013-2018 4th Gen 4spd Fan Trucks for use with 8.4 Conversion Harness



7 speed RAx/UAx HVAC Module (7spd Trucks)

HVAC module for 1500’s with 3c RAx/4c UAx radio Conversion – New

(specify radio type when ordering)

Module & Resistor_edited.jpg


4 speed RAx Module & Fan Resistor (4spd Trucks)

Fan Resistor and HVAC module for 2500/3500’s with 3c RA3/RA4 radio conversion - New

Module & Resistor.jpg


4 speed UAx Module & Fan Resistor (4spd Trucks)

Fan Resistor and HVAC module for 2500/3500’s with 4c UAQ/UAS radio conversion - New

Module & Resistor.jpg

$35 with harness order ($40 on it's own)

Cell Error Bypass Plug for RA3/RA4-NA radios (USA)

Req'd for RAx -NA 'USA' radios w/o SharkFin antenna mod in 2013-17 trucks.
Note: 2018+ 4th Gen trucks also require SGW Security Gateway Bypass made by ECRI (Amazon $30) or zAutomotive



ATC Pt2 Humidity Sensor Add-on Harness (7spd Trucks)

Humidity Sensor add-on option harness for Single Zone ATC wiring mod on 7spd 2014+ 1500 trucks. Additional end user programming/parts req'd.

MTC 2 ATC Add-On Humidity Harness v2 9-13-18_edited.jpg


ATC Pt2 BuCam Reroute v2 Add-on (7spd Trucks)

Add Backup Camera Reroute wiring into ATC Part 2 Harness for 2014+ 1500 trucks.



ATC Dual Zone Pass. Blend Door add-on

Add-on for Passenger Side HVAC Blend door wiring with 4 speed Conversion Fan harness set or with 2014-18/2019+ Classic 1500 ATC Part 2 Harness. Custom Build (1-3 week ETA typ.).

* Additional user supplied parts/dash removal/blend door install & programming changes. See the following RamForum thread for details: Adding dual zone atc to a tradesman.

Universal Harness and Dual Z Pass DR pigtail only.jpg


ATC Cabin Temp Sensor - New (4spd trucks)

New ATC Cabin Temp Sensor for Single Zone ATC mod. Additional user programming req'd.



ATC Cabin Temp & Humidity Sensors (7spd Trucks)

Cabin Temp and Humidity Sensors for use with Single Zone ATC mod. on 2014-18/19+Classic 1500's. - New
*Additional user programming req'd.


$45 with another item ($50 on it's own)

UAx USB Hub Adapter Harness

USB Hub Adapter Harness for installing 8pin 2018 style USB hub in 2013-17 trucks for use with 4c UAx Radios.

4th Gen Ram Radio Upgrade: Projects

4th Gen 8.4 Radio Bezel Options


Used Single Zone MTC Bezel

Used Single Zone MTC 8.4 Radio bezel in good condition.
May have minor blemishes/scratches.
(when available)

SglZ Bezel.jpg


New Single Zone MTC 8.4 bezel

New Single Zone MTC 8.4 Radio bezel
(4-10 Day typ. ETA if not in stock. Dual Zone ATC avail. by request)



Custom Single Zone ATC 8.4 Bezel

Single Zone ATC bezel with modified control board using parts from Single Zone and Dual Zone bezels. (Limited Availabitlity)



Single Zone ATC bezel mod service

Single Zone ATC mod. service to modify/combine customer provided (Working) Single Zone MTC and Dual Zone ATC bezels into a custom Single Zone ATC Bezel. No leftover parts returned.
Labor/Rtn Shipping only.

Bezel Mod Svc text2.jpg
4th Gen Ram Radio Upgrade: Projects

Other Radio Upgrade Harnesses & Parts


Camera Reroute Harness v2

Backup Camera reroute harness to allow moving
factory installed BuCam video image from rearview mirror display
to uConnect 5.0" and 8.4" radios after upgrade.
(Displays in both locations unless mirror is replaced)



OEM Dual Mic Add-On Harness (2017+ 4th Gen)

Harness for adding OEM Mopar Dual mics into headliner on 2017-18/2019+ Classic trucks.
Requires 2x Mopar Mics (sold Separately & adding cutouts into headliner to install them) *Compass/HomeLink Module wiring add-on available.

Mic Harness.jpg


Compass Module Wiring Add-on (w/mic harness)

Add Homelink/Compass module wiring into overhead dual Mic harness for 2017+ 4th Gen trucks.



2x OEM Headliner Mic set - New

OEM Mopar Left & Right Microphone (1ea) Set - New
(specify grey or black)

Mic Set.jpg


Overhead Console Lighting Add-On Harness

Requires manual splicing at Rear 'C' Pillar Connectors and dome light.


$250  ($175 / $75)

Backup Camera Chassis & Cab Harness Set (2013-16 Trucks)

For 2013-16 4th Gen Trucks to add missing Backup Camera Chassis wiring from Rear Tailgate Connector (near spare tire) to connector behind left front Wheel well liner & Cab Harness from connector near brake pedal to back of the radio. Some trucks may not need both sections.

Additional customer purchased hardware in tailgate is required (ie Camera Handle, Camera, Tailgate harness) as well as programming by dealer or customer tool such as AlfaOBD. 

Length depends on Cab/Bed/WheelBase configuration.

* Additional wiring may be required for some trucks

20210720_015416 2.jpg

$25 w/any other item ($30 on it's own)

RCA Cargo/Cam2 Input Pigtail (2016+ 8.4 radios)

RCA Video Input pigtail to allow use of 2nd unused video input (typically used for Cargo Cam) on 2016 &  up 8.4 radios. Add front camera or other Analog Video source. Requires customer programming to enable video input via on screen "Cargo Cam" menu button

4th Gen Ram Radio Upgrade: Projects

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